MaxSea combines advanced weather technology and the most responsive electronic chart and marine instrument support in the industry with solution-specific capabilities such as seabed classification and buoy tracking for commercial fishing, performance routing for sailing, and AIS integration for commercial vessels.

MaxSea can be configured (in menu “Route->GPS Upload/Download”) to exchange Route and Waypoint on SD-card with NavNet VX2.

It has never been easier to plan your navigation on the computer and transfer the information using a regular SD-Card on NavNetVX2.
This feature is available with all MaxSea products including the Free MaxSea Planner.

New Waypoint Tool
MaxSea 12.6 introduces a new Waypoint Tool
Marks and Waypoints have been separated. Use the Waypoint tool to create Waypoints that are intended to be used for navigation, and use the Pencil Tool to draw marks on the charts (Point, Circle, Area, and Text).
The number of Marks Layers (PTF Files) and Waypoints are unlimited. Use the “File->New” item to create new layers, and hold on the Waypoint or Pencil tool to define on which layer you want to record the Waypoints or Marks.
Waypoints are more intended to be used for Recreational users, and Marks for Professionals. This feature is available with all MaxSea products.
New Ocean Currents available in Chopper


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