Released: March 23, 2019
What’s New in V5
The new version is a major update in both looks and features.  It introduces some very powerful tools – split, or dual, chart panels and saved configurations in form of templates.  
Here, we’ll get you acquainted with the main news in OpenCPN version5.

There are a few obvious changes as soon as you start and view the screen.

There are now 2 toolbars, here seen in a contracted view.  The global Toolbar in the upper left corner, activated by clicking it, and the Chart Panel Bar, also called the Canvas Bar, in the lower right corner, activated by clicking the icon with 3 horizontal bars.  O5 can, as an option, be used with two different chart panels at the same time, each one with it’s own toolbar for panel options.

Note that the previous option to use a simplified scale-bar, now is default.  See lower left corner.
More about using two chart-panels later.

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