When installing Maxsea10 + CM93 +crack
copy only CMengDriver.dll – you don’t need to run
maxsea10Full.reg or install SentEmul.

1. Startup MaxSea
2. Choose “Yes” to “Enter SiteKey Received by Email”
3. Choose “I want to proceed I DO NOT NEED A HARDWARE KEY” button
4. Click “ok” in the next dialog
5. Click “I want to use MANUAL ACTIVATION”
6. Run the key generator
7. Copy your site code into the key generator”
6. Click “Generate” and paste your generated sitekey into the registration wizard
7. MaxSea will now run the “Dongle Update” tool.
8. Paste “Dongle Code 1” & “Dongle Code 2” from the key generator into it.
9. copy 3DDB.ptz to my documents
10. copy and over write cmengdriver.dll to maxsea
11. start maxsea and search for charts the will find cm93

All done.


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